VaynerMedia Closes Its San Francisco Office

By Erik Oster 

VaynerMedia appears to have closed its San Francisco office.

We initially received reports of the office shuttering late last week, with one source telling us that the agency’s name is no longer on the directory of its building. The number listed on its homepage is no longer in service.

We then reached out to VaynerMedia for comment but have yet to receive a reply.


VaynerMedia has operated in San Francisco for several years, with the office predating locations in Chattanooga and London. It’s unclear exactly how many employees worked at the location or which accounts they handled, but as of the opening of the London office last October, 440 of the agency’s then 500 employees (VaynerMedia now claims over 750 employees across its network) worked out of its flagship New York location. We also don’t know how many employees were laid off and how many were transferred to one of VaynerMedia’s other offices (including the nearest location in Los Angeles).

Yesterday we learned that A-B InBev is searching for a new agency to handle digital/social for its Bud Light and Michelob Ultra brands. This story followed news of the agency parting ways with an unspecified number of New York employees after running through an unorthodox round of performance reviews. VaynerMedia is also currently hiring after Chase decided to send its social media work to the agency back in May.

Vayner welcomed Steve Babcock as its first chief creative officer this February and subsequently swiped AOR duties for Noosa Yoghurt from his former agency, EVB.