“Use Your Dipstick” Guy in IBM Ad

By Matt Van Hoven 

Anyone who’s seen the “Think with you dipstick” ads for Castrol EDGE synthetic motor oil (below!) is probably still confused by the concept. A short Irishy/Scottishy man whips people in the arse, for no apparent reason, and tells them to think with their dipstick. Uh, penis? Whatever. Now that actor is in this new IBM ad, where he appears to be some sort of medical professional. He’s still Irishy/Scottishy (what, my accent detecting skills are shoddy), and thanks to his previous Castrol work, he’s not very credible. Oh gosh. I guess the IBM people don’t regularly change their own oil, and therefore weren’t aware of his previous work.


Note: This actor was also in Beerfest. His name is Bjorn Johnson.

Big ups to the Twitter folk who helped me find the IBM spot.

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