Frenzied Waters: A Campaign For Your Gruesome Sharky Death

By Matt Van Hoven 

YesButNoButYes‘s Johnny Wright sums up the FrenziedWaters bloggy campaign best in the 4ish minute video above. He received a box with some stuff in it, including a pair of shark-bitten swim trunks and a news clipping describing his mysterious death. “So,if you’ll excuse me,” he rasps, “I need to solve my own mystery. I’m gonna need a bigger boat.”

So, what is this thing? Basically, a copy of the original TrueBlood campaign, probably for some JAWS like sharky film (OK, the Facebook aspect is unique). Head on over to the FrenziedWaters site and you can watch a clip of a dog dying. You can also try to connect to Facebook, but if you’re having the kind of luck we are, it won’t work. Um, thus far, the campaign is dead in the water.


Note: A number of movieish bloggers have also received the package, meaning this is a movie thing? Who knows. Some are saying maybe it’s for Shark Week or a remake of that Open Water documentary where a couple was left behind by their dive boat.

Update: Ha! A source tells me this is a Campfire campaign &#151 the same guys who did the original TrueBlood campaign. I knew it smelled fishy.

Update 2: The campaign is for SharkWeek on Discovery. If you check out the terms of service, it links back to Discovery Channel. Oh, and Campfire’s Mike Monello just told me, yeah it’s for SW.

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