Updated: An “Interactive” Ad in Grand Central

By Matt Van Hoven 

Kudos to whoever created the work in the video above. I recorded it as I walked through Grand Central terminal this morning. It was as interactive as a subway ad can be, unless you consider the all-too-frequent drawing of mustaches (et cetera) on posters “interactive”.

In case you can’t see it, here’s how it works (and yes, I know this isn’t “new”, but it’s still worth talking about). A standard video plays on the white wall, projected from a unit hanging some 15 feet away. As people walk by, the camera reacts to them, and creates a “wake” behind them. The effect is astounding &#151 and caused more than a few people to pay more attention to the actual spot (which if I recall correctly was for the Navy).


I’ve got to run out, so no time to find out whodunnit. If you’re the responsible party, e-mail me at matt@mediabistro dot com.

Update: “Proud to say that I (Jeff Warner) did this with creative partner, Al Majewski. We work at Campbell-Ewald on the Navy account. It’s an ad for NavyForMoms (dot) com, a community site for moms of kids in the Navy and those who are thinking about joining. The site was developed by CE’s social media group.”