John Berg and Y&R SF: Is He Taking Over?

By Matt Van Hoven 

We haven’t been able to prove it thus far, but in the interest of letting you know what we’ve heard…we hear John Berg, who recently left Taxi New York (where he was president) for “another opportunity”, (source) is taking over at Y&R SF.

How’s that for relevant? Check out what he told AdAge back in February about representing politicians.

“No doubt, when an agency CEO or principal declares an affinity for a candidate and pledges to help land that candidate in office, the potential upside is clear: In addition to steady mentions in the press for an extended period, the agency benefits from a halo effect if a campaign resonates with the public.”

And later:

“And what people want to feel more than anything else is that they are working in a meritocracy. Political work breaks the meritocracy by introducing something into the agency that is potentially divisive, something that benefits some employees and puts others at a disadvantage.”

“The final change sees Taxi New York president John Berg leaving the company for “another opportunity.” Details of Berg’s plans were not made public at press time.
His role will be assumed by Daniel Rabinowicz, currently president of Taxi Content, the company’s content creation arm.

Berg hopped in the Taxi in July 2006, taking his Euro RSCG NY and DDB experience with him. No word yet on the details of this move. Though given what we knew about his departure, and the “other opportunity” that had yet to be mentioned, this pick-up seems plausible.

Y&R SF has strict rules about speaking to the press, so when I called they were all tight lipped. The corporate folks in New York seem to have gone home for the evening, cuz they didn’t answer either. I bet some publicist is getting chewed out…right…now. So sorry! More on this when we get it.

Oh and another thing: amid rumors that Russell Simmons and Donnovan Andrews will be working with Y&R (in Cali?), could this be part of that deal? Probably not, but wouldn’t it be interesting…

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