UK’s Advertising Standards Authority Bans Two Diesel “Be Stupid” Ads

By Bob Marshall 

Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign has garnered much attention for its message (strange, confusing, pro-nudity) and recently for its strong showing at Cannes.

But those God-fearing Brits have found the “Be Stupid” ads offensive due to its placement in public areas and sexual undertones. Not to mention that ladies photographing their genitals has little to do with clothing, but like that really matters.

Four of Diesel’s ads have come under fire by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, which banned two of them. Both of the ads (one is pictured above) were axed due to their outdoor placement, but the others were allowed due to their spots in magazines Dazed and Confused and Grazia where council members thought they were relatively safe from the eyes of impressionable British lads and lasses. The ASA’s ruling can be found here.

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