Kin Is Dead and So Are the Adventures of Rosa

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, looks like one of the first major campaigns from those former T.A.G. guys who now operate as Agencytwofifteen didn’t quite work out as planned.

Gizmodo is reporting today that after just six weeks, Microsoft has put the kibosh on the Kin. The phone aimed at social network-addicted young’uns had promise but was a complete bust in terms of sales (being too expensive didn’t help), which ranged anywhere from 500 to below 10,000 depending on your source. Even a dramatic price cut just days ago didn’t help, and now, we must bid adieu to not only to the Kin, but the reality show-like ad campaign that came with it. Goodbye Rosa, we hardly got to know ye.


But sources familiar with the matter tell us that despite the Kin fail, Agencytwofifteen, whose relationship with Microsoft dates back a few years, will continue working on campaigns for the brand including several for Xbox titles.

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