Ugh, Fine: 24DP is Auctioning off a Dude on eBay

By Matt Van Hoven 

24DP is a production house led by executive producer Brian Cristiano. The shop decided to copy CP+B’s auction intern auction and now they’re trying to get $20k for Cristiano, on eBay. Look, a video from the Museum of Modern Art with scantishly-clad ladies bearing signs. It’s totally safe for work, which kinda sucks.

As of right now they have 37 bids for a whopping $2.325. Whaddya get if ya win? “Winning bidders will receive end to end production for a complete spot/TVC/pitch/test/viral/job of their choosing. Pre-pro, production, post, deliverables and original music are all included FOR NO MORE THAN THE COST OF THE WINNING BID. So start your bidding now and rest assured ALL production services and advertising materials will be provided.”


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