Mad Men Getting Whored For All its Worth

By Matt Van Hoven 

Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ is slated for an additional injection of advertising. A full two minutes of “buy it now” are being sold, but as we learned yesterday not at the sake of the show’s content. The program will run past 11 p.m. to allot for extra time.

MM’s producers were told to make the space, and apparently it’s all worked out. But as DHD’s Nikki Finke points out, “[t]hat might not sound like such a big deal, but it’s galling given how well the show has done critically, how carefully it’s put together, and how much money it’s already making AMC and parent company Cablevision (which recently announced a $20M 1st-quarter profit, while subsidiary Rainbow Media cited a 7.6% increase in ad sales).”


Mediaweek reports that BMW has resigned to sponsor (with limited commercial interruptions!) season 3’s premier.

Matthew Weiner must be pissed. The third season premiers August 16th on AMC at 10 EST. Can’t wait.


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