Twitter & Wes Anderson: ‘I Love It’ vs. ‘I Just Don’t Get It’

By Matt McCarron 

We all fall into one of the categories above. Some of us can watch Chas Tenenbaum all day while others simply don’t understand why people care that Kanye “need[s] this horse…Kings need horses.” Or maybe you say you like Wes Anderson flicks only because you think it makes you sound smarter, and actually love retweeting the fact that @GaryJBusey “hates Justin Beiber…because he’s prettier than every woman [Busey’s] ever slept with.”

Whatever the case, the fact remains that Twitter and Wes Anderson are polarizing. But it’s because of this shared quality that Twitter’s new recruitment video is so perfect. “Meet the Class of Twitter HQ” takes you through a meet and greet of different departments within the Twitter headquarters in perfect parody of the sequence from Anderson’s Rushmore. The video even references The Office by showing Twitter’s “The Finer Things Club.”


Twitter employees are the stars of the spot and even wrote, filmed and edited it. To learn more about the recruitment process, check out @jointheflock.

We posted the Rushmore spot after the jump so you can compare.

via Gizmodo

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