TWIA is Permanent, Evidenced by Fancy Player on the Right Side of Your Screen

By Matt Van Hoven 

The Week in Advertising, aka TWIA, is 38 episodes old. Similarly, our director/cameraman/editor Weston Almond is 38 years old. Happy birthday, dude.

And in celebration of this fine day we have two exciting announcements to make. First, we’re not fired (yet). Second, the wonders of The Week in Advertising have been implanted on our homepage. Just look to the right and you’ll see the media player has been embedded (translation: made fairly permanent) on the right side of the site.

The best part is you can see every episode without doing a thing. Once you click play that annoying intro will begin and the player won’t stop until you tell it to. You’ve got 38 episodes to watch, so get to it. You can call it research, or something, on your time sheets.

Oh, a little ‘splainin: this week’s show is a compendium of our favorite clips from the last 9ish months. Notice: the vast difference (vas deferens?) in my hairstyles, including mustacheness. Also, we expect to get a cease and desist from the “Growing Pains” people later today, so watch soon!

Note: if you’re on the mobile version of our site, I have no idea what you can expect.

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