Facebook Sucks Up FriendFeed

By Matt Van Hoven 

Facebook and FriendFeed are now one. If you don’t know what FriendFeed is, that’s OK. The site is widely used by super-Webby people who like to see all their social media stuff aggregated in one place yet parsed out into neatly defined pages. We’ve used the site’s Twitter-feed aggregating skills a few times to show you what people were saying about (in one case) this year’s Super Bowl ads.

The deal was worth $50 million FriendFeed in cash ($15 mil) and Facebook stock. The company and it’s small staff of 12ish will be absorbed by Facebook, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This isn’t a big deal for any of you, yet. The tools FriendFeed offers are apparently going to be helpful to Facebook. We aren’t sure what those are yet.

In other Facebook news, wall postings are now searchable.

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