Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Meet the first graduating class of Boulder Digital Works. link

-Verizon unveils Droid 2, which hits shelves Thursday (pre-sale tomorrow). link


-Girl quits job and calls out boss via dry erase board and 33 photos that were sent to entire office. Jerry Maguire, you’ve met your match. link

-Lest we forget, GM hired Big Fuel for social media efforts. link

-KSL Media hired Russell Dean as EVP/CFO/COO. link

-A heavily airbrushed Lil Kim shows her “O-face” for Three-O vodka (above).

-MEC named Susan Schiekofer as managing partner, account director on the AT&T business. link

-How Skype plans to make money from ads, games and virtual gifts. link

-Folks from digital agency POP scaled Mt. Rainier. link

-Foot Locker quizzes sneaker-heads via Facebook. link

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