Levi’s Sizes Up Women’s Curves

By Matt McCarron 

A note to our female readers: Your mom was wrong. You’re not that unique. You’re not one-in-a-million. More like one-in-three. We realize that this may be a tough pill to swallow, but don’t blame us…

You can direct those nasty comments to Levi’s as the clothing brand has recently introduced Curve ID, which advertises “Custom Fits For Women.” According to You Nguyen, Levi’s SVP of Women’s Merchandising & Design (above), Levi’s has identified three different shapes that represent 80 percent of women around the world.

The women’s section on Levi’s site claims if your jeans are “too tight in the waist,” then you’re a “Slight Curve.” If “the waist fits but doesn’t flatter” (ugh, the worst), then you’re a “Demi Curve.” And if “the waist tends to gap in the back,” then you’re a “Bold Curve.” So yeah…there you have it. That’s all you need to know when it comes to jeans shopping.

W+K Portland worked on the gallery portion of Levi’s women’s site. And, through a little investigation (that’s unconfirmed by W+K), we have a sneaky feeling that some of photos in the Levi’s gallery feature actual W+K employees.

Hear us out: when you slide through the gallery, the 5th woman (pictured after the jump) is named Jessica. Jessica is dreaming about “finding a job.” Coincidentally, a woman named Jess (who also has short brown hair and thick glasses) recently graduated from Wieden+Kennedy’s WK12 program. Pictures of this Jess are posted after the jump as well. You (not you, You, “you” as in the reader) be the judge.

If all our ducks are in a row, we think it’s refreshing to see W+K and, in turn, Levi’s, using “real” women for their website. But Jess, since we know you’re dreaming about finding a job, we hope you got paid.

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