Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Stuart Elliot hands out medals for the best and worst 2010 Winter Olympic ads. link

-Leo Burnett Worldwide chief Tom Bernadin says don’t write off newspapers just yet. link


-Sir Martin Sorrell wonders why advertisers are rushing to social media. link

-Siegel+Gale appointed Maria Boos to director, strategy. link

-The ANDYs publishes its first shortlist after final judging. link

-Converse loves The Clash apparently. link

-Now it’s the snooty citizens of Newark who can’t handle certain billboards. link

-“Discreet” dating site Ashley Madison’s low-budget Avatar homage won’t be airing during the Oscars. link

-Apple sues HTC over patent infringement. link

-Apparently Dan Wald’s book Ad Asylum is hated by agency CEOs. link

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