Pam Anderson’s Cleavage Somehow Continues to Inspire the World

By Kiran Aditham 

Aging male fantasy Pam Anderson stars in this spot for, which is a Perth-based internet domain firm that’s not only similar to GoDaddy in its business model but ad storyboarding.

Here, a corporate drone has a hot boss in Anderson and can’t help but fantasize about her via some fakeass Barry White singing, suds, bikinis and, uh, female bonding. But his dream is now short-lived as the cleavage-filled ad has been banned Down Under by the Advertising Standards Board after they received hundreds of complaints.

In a statement to the Brisbane Times, Crazy Domains MD Gavin Collins says the ASB’s decision “made no sense and is completely un-Australian,” adding “We are certainly not going to take this lying down.”

The trade notes that the ad was created by Perth’s The Brand Agency but actually shot in Los Angeles.

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