Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

&#151 Ha ha, FedEx is sticking it to UPS’s white board guy. link

&#151 Digital coup: Tribal DDB beat traditional agencies for integrated campaign re: Cibavision. Twas a 22 week pitch and now they’re probably hiring. No link, came from an e-mail that warranted not a post.

&#151 Things in Cannes don’t really heat up until Wednesday. link

&#151 Speaking of Cannes, Adweek’s Brian Morrissey and co. are populating this site with tons of stuff about the festa. (note: Morrissey pretty much is Adweek these days, no?) link

&#151 Using hyperbole sometimes dilutes a good point. Yes, the Web should be free. link

&#151 Auto advertising may not be “down” as much as you think. link

&#151 R/GA CCO Nick Law, alleged ginormous fan of AgencySpy (this blog!), is getting his drink on at the Gutter Bar (that’s in Cannes). 10 points for the first pic of him ordering a pint and raising it to us lowly bloggers back here in NYC. link

&#151 Tonight, I will use this headline to help me fall asleep: TiVo, Quantcast Prep Blended TV-Web Audience Data. link

&#151 That racy Calvin Klein billboard we didn’t mention because we mentioned it like 4 months ago has been replaced. See above. link

More: “The New Face Of Calvin Klein Undies: Eva Mendes