Eddie Van Halen Rejects Nike’s Dunk

By Kiran Aditham 

Rocker Eddie Van Halen has traded his axe for a lawyer this week, filing suit against Nike for lifting the red, black and white stripe design of his gee-tars and emblazoning it on their new line of Dunk Lows kicks.

Van Halen, who’s been wielding and shredding on guitars with this design since 1978, is seeking the usual damages, all profits from Dunk Lows sales, a permanent injunction halting the production of the shoes and as icing on the poundcake, “the impoundment and destruction of all footwear.”


Nike in kind replied to Spinner that Van Halen’s suit had no merit…though one can deduce that the man’s motivation can be equally attributed to the launch of his own high and low-top sneakers.


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