Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

I realize that each time I write a post that isn’t specific to a story we’ve reported, the little blurbs I post are getting increasingly random. I think this happens to a lot of writers who become increasingly bored with reading formulaic copy. Inverted pyramids are for the birds (despite their effectiveness). Anyway this business will make you insane anyway so why not read what some of the other folks are doing &#151 these are the top stories from other media pubs. We’re not sure there’s anything to be gained, but you’ll be the deciders. I’ve also spiced up the descriptions…

&#151 NBC saved themselves a lot of trouble by adding Leno to the 10 p.m. time slot. Here’s hoping those health issues don’t get worse. For real, he’s the bees’ knees. link


&#151 Kindle may be the invention of our time, since now it may be replacing textbooks. Remember that rip off machine known as the “College Book Store” &#151 I’ll stick to selling drugs, it’s less sketchy. link

&#151 This summer’s movie line-up is sick, including this flick District 9. The trailer is posted above. link

&#151 AdAge and Adweek are all horny about Publicis Group’s Mediavest taking over Mars media. That can’t be good for WPP. I mean, it’s worth $500 mil. link and link

&#151 Love this: BrandRepublic has the above mentioned Mars story right next to one about WPP’s revenue dropping 6%. Cheeky Brits. link

&#151 Brandweek’s main story right now: “Cans Are Hot!” No joke. link

&#151 Copyranter always keeps it real. link