Most Popular Stories on AgencySpy From the Last 7 Days

By Matt Van Hoven 

1. Op Ed: Digital Done Right and Three Companies That Seem to Get It (Part 1)

2. Don’t F*CK with Popeye’s Customers: The Popeye’s Payday Pseudo Fallout


3. Copy Conundrums: It’s Like a Fireman Came in Your Mouth

4. Doner & Mazda, Publicis West & T-Mobile, PHD & Schwab Media; a Tip Round-up

5. TBWA/Chiat/Day LA Elevates Rob Schwartz, Hires Fallon’s Al Kelly

6. Updates on Doner; It’s. Not. Pretty.

7. Digitas Ranked #3 in Top Companies to Work for in New York