Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

What a week it’s been (already), fellow humans. We’ve seen the beginning of the bad for the industry’s favorite new project, we’ve dieted with Jesus and seen how being really good at something has super-duper perks. But since we can’t all be rich, here’s some news that will hopefully entertain you until the evening bell rings.

&#151 Bud Light is still the first choice of foreclosed home party goers. link

&#151 California needs to not be poor anymore, so they might turn to selling drugs &#151 always a quick way to fast cash. Keep your eyes peeled for the Feds, Arnold! link

&#151 Remember that stimulus package the politicians were talking about? It might not save the (ad) world until 2010. link

&#151 Sometimes one brand can save an entire company. link

&#151 A Leo Burnett rep says that John Condon business was bullshi*t. link

&#151 Click here to see Lewis Lazare massage Zig in the no-no zone. link

&#151 They’re calling it GFail, but you probably didn’t notice because you were asleep. link

&#151 Remember when AmEx was awesome &#151 back when Ogilvy was still at Ogilvy? Me neither. link

&#151 This d-bag thinks social sites are bad for kids; you know like TV and porn. Nobody tell Mike Lazarow at Buddy Media! link

&#151 Happy Fat Tuesday! link