It Stinks Like Sex in Here

By Matt Van Hoven 

Jenna Jameson has joined the ranks of celebrities who think we “normies” want to smell like something they’ve slapped their name on. Scoff not, and remember that the jokes about Paris Hilton’s many odoriferous bottled liquids drew laughter from the masses, until the perfumes began selling like Furbies.

We expect the same will happen with Heartbreaker, Jameson’s entrant into the perfumania game. Who knows if it will be women who want to be like her who buy it or men (or women, again) who buy it for their womenfolk in hopes of converting them into Jamesonites. Either way, you can bet this one will sell out at the porn-expos and in Macy’s.



Jenna Jameson! In A Wig! For PETA!