Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Rest in peace, Karl Lagerfeld, king of that strange thing we call high fashion advertising.

-When is it time to fire a toxic client? Let’s be honest, the real question is “how much are they bringing in?”


-Burger King CMO Fernando Macado is quite happy with the results of his Andy Warhol Super Bowl campaign, thanks.

-Britain’s Marks & Spencer called separate pitches for the home and clothing portions of its business. Food stays with Grey.

-Have you heard about the Ad Club’s Black History Month exhibit, Icons, Rock Stars & Innovators?

-The responses to this Ikea print ad by BBH Singapore are as good as the work itself.

-Netflix’s aggressive Oscars effort thoroughly disproves the lie that marketing isn’t key to winning awards.

-TBWA\London hired Katie Jackson, former head of accounts at Grey, as its first managing director.

-AdAge highlights five campaigns that furthered the representation of people of color in big budget ads.