Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Paris agency Romance includes a bit of barely-risque humor in its first campaign for PokerStars.

-Google is working with publishers to create Snapchat-style visual stories before advertising ruins it all for everyone. (Just kidding, we love you guys.)

-Did you notice that AT&T still hasn’t returned to YouTube? Neither did we.

-Vice’s Virtue appears to have lost a client due to its parent company’s behavioral problems as Ally Bank “pauses” project work.

-Aflac has placed its creative account in review after how many years?

-We got KFC’s scratch n’ sniff Valentine’s Day cards in the mail, and while we can’t really place their scent, we can say they smell absolutely nothing like fried chicken.

-So, about last week’s crazy tribute to Londoners from Wieden + Kennedy and Nike…

-VSA Partners recently launched the new podcast AI+Design.