Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-New York agency Van’s General Store (VGS) launched this “Indomitable” spot starring former pro boxer Chuck Wepner for Cadillac as part of its “Dare Greatly” campaign (video above). 

-Dmexco featured ad tech companies promoting themselves with women wearing revealing outfits and a pinkwashed “Girls Lounge” room for female attendees, but the sexism in advertising debate is totally over.

-4A’s, ANA fighting it out as Nancy Hill cancels her appearance at an Advertising Week event focused on trust and transparency.


Alex Holder is stepping down from her role as joint executive creative director at Anomaly London to become an agency cultural ambassador.

-Skittles declined to weigh in on that dumb anti-refugee meme tweeted by Donald Trump Jr., as some might mistake related statements for marketing.

-Adweek takes a look at the unusual office of Los Angeles postproduction studio and editing company PS260

-Hey, WPP: Dentsu is coming for your digital ad buys.

-Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro explains “how to become a big agency without sucking.”