Grey Canada, Herradura Confirm That Tequila Is One of the Finer Arts

By Patrick Coffee 

If advertising has taught us anything over the past decade or so, it’s that we are unique. And we should celebrate our uniqueness, as it is the very thing that makes us special. Also, we should focus on the things we do that other people cannot or will not do. Not because it makes us better than these other people, per se … but maybe it kind of does.

Grey Canada’s new global campaign for Tequila Herradura, which is headquartered in the Whiskey Town of Louisville, Kentucky, places the process of creating that beverage in the company of other high-minded pursuits like designing clothes, cooking or writing music for a living.

According to the release, all of the following individuals are real people who “emulate the courage of Tequila Herradura by resisting compromise and exceeding standards on the path to greatness.” And because the brand’s symbol is a horseshoe, the theme of the campaign is “Luck Is Earned.” So it’s not really luck at all then, is it?

You all know that success only correlates directly to work ethic in a perfect, fictional world. But lazy people are rarely known for making things, and the montage above did include a couple of obvious badasses.


The next spot rephrases the idea as “No Shortcuts.” We also hear that there can be no retreat and no surrender.

That was illustrative in showing us the simple acts of manual labor that facilitate the production of high-shelf liquors. This practice could be seen as a parallel to learning an instrument or coming up with a great recipe, except that those things involve a bit more nuance and less chopping and throwing stuff.

The point of the campaign, though, is to offer a glance into the everyday lives of people who make things, be they dresses or bottles of agave fire water.

Grey Canada ECD Joel Arbez said:

“To emulate the true spirit and authenticity of Tequila Herradura, we decided to feature raw, undiscovered talent. There’s no acting going on here. By showcasing these journeys to excellence, the campaign proves that achieving greatness means no shortcuts.”

The campaign will continue through 2017 with more digital and print work, social media content and events around the U.S., most of which will hopefully include a good chaser.