Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Denny’s launched a campaign promoting its new buttermilk pancake recipe, which it claims makes for pancakes that are “50 percent fluffier” (video above).

-Brands are for the most part remaining silent on #BlackLivesMatter.

-ICYMI, the Atlantic reviewed how advertising connected Subaru with LGBT, emphasis on the L.


Dodge is hoping that a lot of people still watch “Sharknado” movies.

Pinterest is selling itself to U.K. agencies and clients as a new kind of search engine, but our wives tell us regular users hate sponsored pins. No, really.

-Zzzzz. Adweek explains “Why Sleep-Centric Marketing Is on the Rise.”

-Independent digital agency Feed opened a new office in Manchester.

WPP media agency Maxus is opening a new office in Edinburgh, Scotland