The Martin Agency Goes Canine for Discover

By Erik Oster 

The Martin Agency launched a new “Good Boy” spot for Discover that doubles as a demonstration of why you shouldn’t talk on the phone with a credit card representative while playing with your dog.

The spot, which will run in both 30 and 15-second iterations, promotes the brand’s new Discover Credit Scorecard, which allows Discover customers and non-customers alike to access their FICO Credit Scores free of charge. “I’m not a Discover customer but I’m calling about that credit scorecard,” a man tells a Discover representative while trying to pry a tennis ball from his dog’s mouth. “Give it to me, give it,” he tells the dog, but the representative assumes he’s talking to him. “Oh sure,” he says, “we give it to everyone.”

The spot continues to play on the theme, promoting the service while mining for canine humor with the scenario. It ends with the confused representative wondering if he was just offered a belly rub. While the humor doesn’t hit quite as intended, the spot manages to be informative about the service without coming across as dry or boring. Plus there’s a dog.

While it doesn’t feature the tagline or general theme of earlier spots, the ad, which made its broadcast debut yesterday, is part of the agency’s “We Treat You Like You’d Treat You” campaign for the brand.