Tribal DDB SF’s Internal Redundancies; McAfee Win (WTF?)

By Matt Van Hoven 

After confirming Tribal DDB SF’s win of the McAfee account, we paused for a moment to add up how many drinks we’d had. Goose egg, we were totally sober. So did we hear right? Yes, we did, according to an agency representative.

We’ve learned through sources that DDB is expanding its online offerings via an internal group (it has a name, but we’ve yet to confirm what it is). Strangely enough though, Tribal is also expanding its offerings, only they’re focusing on offline (i.e. the Neutrogena Wave campaign). We hear Tribal produced 100 percent of that work, online and off.

Redundancy much? That’s what we said, and so did our spies. So, why the hell can’t these two shops-within-one-sock seem to get their toes in order? Maybe the stench is getting to them. Check out the succulent gossip, (have faith, it’s juicy) after the jump.

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(Uncomfirmed) Per another source:

“Here in SF, we (Tribal) only have digital capabilities and don’t get along with DDB at all. Everyone is well aware that Liz (CEO Tribal) (Ed’s note: We presume this to mean CMO Elizabeth Ross), and Mary (head of DDB SF) (Ed’s note: Mary Moudry) hate each other, yet act like all is fine.

We are all aware Liz and Mary [sic], so there is no need to hide this. Also, DDB is trying to grow its online work, while we (Tribal) are trying to grow our offline work. Can you say redundancy and confusion to us staff. The internal consensus is that this will not work, but it will be interesting to see what happens &#151 as Liz can and does convince herself of grandeur all the time. Maybe that is why staff here are dropping like flies.”