Exclusive: David Camp and Publicis West No More (Resignation or Firing?)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Publicis in the West’s Chris Witherspoon confirms that David Camp is parting ways with the agency. According to Witherspoon, Camp resigned as of Monday; but our sources say he was fired.

Camp, who has been PW’s executive director of business marketing and strategy since July 2007, did not return our phone call as of the time this story was published.


He is described on Publicis’ Web site as “right handed, left-hearted and center-brained. Armchair philosopher, wannabe mountaineer, unpublished novelist and business pragmatist.”

Find out what our spy had to say about Camp, after the jump.

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That’s hardly a resounding description, if you ask us. We covered Camp’s arrival at PW awhile back, at which point SuperSpy noted his departure from Microsoft to join the Seattle based shop. Apparently, Randy Browning, PW’s Chairman and CEO, wanted to “de-Microsoft” Camp.

But nerdy or not, our source says his management style was not widely enjoyed. That source, and another, tell us he was “canned”.

“David Camp is out at Publicis in the West in Seattle. It hasn’t been announced yet, but another reorg [sic] of the interactive management team is going to happen. this is the 3rd attempt by the agency to actually get an interactive management/planning department that works. Camp drove out some of the better people with his crap management. The agency is keeping it quiet while they try to get new business.”

“Publicis in the West canned David Camp last night”

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