Tribal DDB Dallas, San Francisco, Cut Jobs

By Matt Van Hoven 

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Though one source called the layoffs at Tribal DDB San Francisco, “major” we’ve as of yet been unable to determine the scope of cuts that occurred at the agencies late last week. An agency representative confirmed layoffs at both the SF and Dallas offices, but did not comment on numbers. Another source tells us the SF office is closing and that all production is being moved to Dallas. Here’s some non-so-helpful info from that rep.

“In this environment, we are always looking for efficiencies and last week, unfortunately, that did involve Tribal DDB offices in San Francisco and Dallas.”

Thanks. Help us figure this one out, will ya? Our goal = you getting the info you need, despite the agency’s lack of info.

LA, too? “On the heels of the DDB/LA layoffs, the DDB network may be cutting the Seattle office loose. After continuous layoffs at regular intervals over the past 3-4 years, the sacking of their GM, failure to win any new biz and dwindling spending by existing clients, they’re down to a skeleton crew working mostly on what remains of their direct response business. Rumor has it ownership of the shop would revert back to founder Ron Elgin (who was essentially set to retire and turn over the reigns to Chris Lloyd before he was canned). Whether it would remain viable as an independent is anyone’s guess, but things have not been looking good there for a while, to say the least, and appear to be about to get much, much worse.”


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