Energy Drink Special Ingredient: Razorblades

By Matt Van Hoven 

Two energy drinks that are so hardcore they’re sold in vials have been recalled after one vial of each variety was found to contain a utility knife blade. That’s bad-ass, but according to the ninnies at the FDA, that shit doesn’t fly. Whatever, I eat shards of glass with my cereal. Raaaah!

“Health Canada issued a warning about Hardcore Energize Bullet liquid energy drink, which is manufactured in Pennsylvania and sold in Canada in vials.


“The reason for the recall was because one vial was found to have been subject to tampering, Health Canada said.”

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, meanwhile, is also warning about Hardcore Energize Bullet, and about New Whey liquid products, as well, which are also sold in test-tube vials and consumed in a single shot.”

“A utility knife blade was found in one vial of each product, the FDA said.”

That’s probably bad for their branding image, despite the potential for coming off as really, really hardcore.


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