Totino’s Pizza Rolls and Pete Davidson Look to Save Playoff Football Fans from Flat Delivery Pizza

By Kyle O'Brien 

The regular season is over and the playoffs are here for the NFL, and Totino’s Pizza Rolls aim to be a top snack as teams make their run up to the Super Bowl.

The snack brand has enlisted snack food fan Pete Davidson for a series of ads touting the bite sized pizza pockets as a better alternative than clunky and unreliable pizza delivery. While pizza remains the undisputed champion of the Big Game, topping the list of most ordered delivery foods, nothing ruins game day like an unfortunate pizza delivery experience. Totino’s Pizza Rolls is stepping onto the field just in time for the playoffs, equipped with their arsenal of bite-sized pizza snacks that are ready in minutes.

“Flat Pizza has had its reign for far too long, which is why I’m teaming up with Totino’s Pizza Rolls in the fight for flavor,” said Davidson in a statement. “Let’s give the people what they deserve—delicious, piping hot pizza snacks.”


In two new ad spots developed in partnership with Dentsu Creative, Davidson delivers his signature style of comedy as he takes on pizza delivery and epic game day parties. In the first spot, “Pete’s Pre-Game,” Davidson spies on his neighbor struggling to receive a pizza delivery order and shows him why Totino’s is the best way to snack on game day.

In “Pete’s Za Party,” Davidson is seen on a custom couch that is set up to deliver ready-cooked pizza rolls to whomever sits on the hot seat, thanks to built-in air fryers, which allow him to enjoy Totino’s without having to leave his couch.

“We understand the importance of a great game day experience, and that starts with providing consumers unbeatable snacks offered at an affordable price point,” said Taylor Roseberry, brand experience manager for Totino’s in a statement. “This is brought to life in our creative campaign in collaboration with Davidson, whose comedic style and absurdly funny persona embodies the Totino’s brand perfectly.”

In addition to its collaboration with Davidson, Totino’s is surrounding the first-ever live Spanish broadcast of the Big Game on Univision with both a pre-show integration in partnership with fan favorite hot sauce brand Tapatio. Totino’s is releasing its first Spanish-language ad spot, “Hang Time” during Univision’s broadcast. The comedic spot shows how a pizza delivery driver’s day turns into an epic hang out as he joins the homeowner to experience first-hand the joys of selecting a superior snacking option like Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

Totino’s will not have an in-game Super Bowl spot, utilizing the playoffs and Spanish language pre-game for its ad buys.