Tools of the Trade: Tiffany Caprice of WTP Pictures

By Kyle O'Brien 

Tools of the Trade is an AgencySpy feature to help highlight the many tools that help make advertising and marketing folks successful. The tools can be anything that helps people perform at their top form, from a favorite drafting table to the best software program to a lucky pen, a vintage typewriter or a pair of headphones.

Next up is Tiffany Caprice, executive producer at WTP Pictures.

Tiffany Caprice in the middle of one of her workouts.


What is one tool you use all the time at work, and how does it inspire your work?

My “tool” for productive work days, after-work days, and general peace of mind is my workout routine. In my very creative line of work, going to the gym before most people wake up makes me feel accomplished well before the work day begins. During the day, a walking pad under my desk (think of it like a handle-less treadmill, for the uninitiated) helps keep my head clear while I juggle so many tasks.

Why is it your favorite?

I have three components to my fitness routine: Crossfit, as of recently, mobility and walking. I go to Crossfit or strength train early morning then stretch and do mobility work 4-5 days a week. I can’t really take gym equipment home or to the office, so the walking treadmill keeps my brain rolling throughout the day. Studies have shown that walking can bolster creativity, and sometimes it’s recommended to have challenging or important conversations while walking. I walk slowly while executing more creative tasks, or when I’m trying to think of a solution to a problem from another angle. It metaphorically jogs my brain while I’m literally “jogging” forward.

How did you acquire your tool or hear about it for the first time?

When I first moved to L.A., I quickly discovered the “fitness lifestyle” everyone seemed to possess and found a system that I love with incredible professional benefits. I continue this lifestyle even now that I’ve moved back home to the east coast.

How does it help you be successful?

For me, it translates to feeling strong—mentally and physically—in our industry, especially as a woman. Working out clears my head before important meetings and gatherings; when traveling, it helps me unwind from straight-backed airplane seats and sets my mind right before events. You’d be surprised at what you can do in a hotel gym. I always hit upper body before an event, fatigued legs and heels do not make for the best combo.

Working out also gives me energy and mental clarity for the day ahead. Not only do I already feel I checked a major part of my day off my to-do list right out the gate, I have the focus required to rely on my memory and creative mindset for long stretches of time. For example, if I’m considering a board and picking the right director for a job, I can remember relationships I made sometimes years prior. Whatever it is, the activity keeps my brain moving in a very necessarily brain-driven occupation.

Does it have sentimental value?

Not sentimental in the family-heirloom sense, but if the routine vanished, I would definitely miss it for multiple reasons; basically the absence of all of the benefits I listed.

Do you think your tool could go TikTok viral? Why or why not?

Well, there are plenty of TikTok gym-goers, but I don’t see myself joining their ranks anytime soon. You can find me on Instagram, though, where I’ve been known to post a workout video or two.

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