Told You So: Idea City Steals A New Creative From Crispin

By SuperSpy 

We said that Greed, Sex was looking to poach from Crispin and now, it’s happened. GSD&M Idea City has recruited Mark Taylor after a six-month search to find a creative leader for the agency. Taylor was creative director over at Crispin and is responsible for the recreation of the Burger King, King..

Okay, Greed, Sex has to be losing its mind with joy. How much did they have to fork over to Taylor? Better question, how much you want to bet that Taylor damn well knew that he was never going to eclipse the media flame that is Alex Bogusky and bounced while the gettin’ was good? Well, now Mark only has to contend with media whore and owner, Roy Spence for the spotlight.


Good luck and congrats to Taylor.