Get Beyond Your Bad Insights

By SuperSpy 

PSFK is the big little blog with its own anti-Ted conference and clients who depend on their insights. Their latest service is offering its list of 100+ preferred trends and innovation professionals for anyone to contact and hire. Yes, sir. That means you can stop getting ripped off by big trend companies like these guys with their lame-o brief or Iconoculture. How do we know that Iconoculture is terrible? Our agency has a contract with the them, which gives us full access to their site and right now, Iconoculture is tracking 45 trends (absurd) and offering data our interns aggregate off of Marketing Charts sans back breaking fee.

Brands and organizations can find experts around the world who are willing to work on projects large and small. The list is invite only right now, but try contacting Piers Fawkes, founder of PSFK, and see if he’ll give you one. Maybe this will turn out to be more cost-efficient and provide better insights than those scam artists we listed above. Founding experts include: Matt Hardisty (ex-Naked), Tamara Giltsoff (eco-consultant at OZO Lab), John Grant (author: Green Marketing Manifesto), Mark Earls (author: Herd), Simon Collins (ex-Nike), and Brian Tiong (ex-MTV).

Check out The Purple List and request an invite here.