Today’s Illegal Ad: Bruno Gets Bruno’d

By Kiran Aditham 

Sacha Baron Cohen can sure dish out the heat, but from the looks of it, he can’t take it quite as well. With the upcoming release of Cohen’s gay fashionista character Bruno in theaters everywhere, it seemed fitting to post this little stunt from Sphere Agency and restaurant chain Nando’s.

At the film’s premiere in Sydney, a lookalike dressed in Bruno-like attire but without the convincing Austrian accent hijacked the red carpet festivities. Arriving in a Humvee with an army of half-naked models, the fake Bruno riled up the crowd and managed to display a Nando’s sign that read: “This year’s hottest chicks are covered in Peri Peri”. A bouncer then soon grabbed the hooligan off the podium and rushed him away.

The real Cohen, adorning a helmet of sorts, was briefly captured after the incident expressing his displeasure. Nicht nicht, indeed.

Via: Illegal Ads

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