Today on the Menu: Politico’s Michael Calderone Talks WaPo Chicanery, Palin Inanity, This One New Blog (Mediaite)

By Matt Van Hoven 

As long as we have to be at work today, we figured spending 15 minutes with Politico’s Michael Calderone would be good times.

Why? Last week he broke a story about the Washington Post’s maybe not ethical plans for “off the record” salons, pairing important people with journalist types and the sort of conversations that probably used to be commonplace before the blogosphere popped up.


Oh, and Sarah Palin is out of the Alaskan governor’s office, which Calderone says will free her up to write that pesky memoir (and, you know, get the story out as she wants it told). Others say maybe she’s hoping to get in on the 2012 presidential race. Dramz!

Finally, legal eagle Dan Abrams’ Mediaite launched today (it’s currently “down”, but it’ll probs be up soon), to meh fanfare. Their strongest asset outside the editorial aspect: a system that ranks media people. Advertising is starkly under served, but former TVNewser editor and current TV editor at Mediaita Steve Krakauer promises me that in time, more data will be added. Currently, AdAge is ranked 52 among all publications. The site is currently broken, so we’re not sure where AdWeek lies, suffice it to say AgencySpy ain’t listed. Wocka wocka.

note: I tried to speak louder today. Let me know if it’s easier to hear me.

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