Today on the Menu: What Happens When a Hostage (Advertising) Breaks Free of its Captor (Business That Use Advertising for $$$)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Dave Daley publishes, a literary short story site that manages to undercut staid publications like the Atlantic, GQ and other mainstream mags that used to house many more short pieces than they do currently. Daley’s site is free and he does it in his spare time &#151 and in a single year you can read 52 short stories without worrying about which ab workout to pick or who is kicking Christopher Hitchens’ ass over in Morocco.

At about the 12 minute mark of today’s show, we began to discuss whether or not we should feel bad for an industry (including every business that uses advertising to earn moneys) that got fat on print, broadcast and those media for failing to innovate. Of course everyone knows someone who lost a job due to this ineptitude, no question about feelings there. But for the brands at large who simply didn’t evolve, should we shed a tear or usher in the new and successful while quietly seeking out “senior housing” for the former? If Darwin was right, we probably shouldn’t care at all.

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