Today on the Menu: Think You Can Thrive on $39k? Danny Kofke and His Wife Do, with 2 Kids, Mortgage et al

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today our guest was special needs teacher and author Danny Kofke, a 33 year-old Georgia man with two young daughters, a mortgage and a spouse who gave up her career (for the time being) to raise their children. Seem a bit old-fashioned? Kofke would tell you it’s about prioritization &#151 wealth isn’t measured in dollars in his house, it’s about happiness and needs.


Kofke says his family’s are fulfilled by a great job teaching (his wife was also a teacher before becoming a stay at home Mom &#151 a job valued at $400k annually). His book was initially meant to encourage others like himself to stay with their careers if it made them happy, because the material life is ultimately unfulfilled.

The message is one of finding value outside of money, a premise that might seem alien to the advertising world. Yes, you guys love what you do and yes, you make very little in the beginning. But for teachers, there’s little-to-no chance of earning what an ECD brings home.

We spoke with Kofke for just 15 minutes, so if you want to know more about him or his book “How to Survive on a Teacher’s Salary”, click here.

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