Today on the Menu: Michael Thomas Talks Brands That Sell

By Matt Van Hoven 

Famed author, novelist and man of our time Michael Thomas stopped in to talk about Conde Nast’s hiring of McKinsey consultancy and ended up riffing on brands. The publication has many brands people love, he opines, whose missions are basically to sell young women handbags that cost more than his first car.

When a consultancy is brought in to shake things up, it usually means people are going to get fired, Thomas notes.

In writing, the 73 year-old notes, it’s best to pen things you yourself would want to read. And if there’s one thing he’s learned writing his last 3 novels it’s that no one likes the kinds of books he does. His latest is called Love & Money, a story about an Oprah/Martha/other famous person who does something to screw up her brand and the trials she and those around her go through to set things right again. Sound familiar?