Today on the Menu: Business Expands Abroad, Bloomberg Covers the Growth

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today we had as a guest Ron Henkoff, a guy you probably didn’t know was portrayed in the recent Matt Damon film, “The Informant!” Henkoff somewhat famously was the first reporter to interview Damon’s character during a price-fixing scandal that landed his peers (and later, himself) in prison for various white collar crimes. Though he was writing for Fortune then (he spent 10 years there), he’s now the Editor of Bloomberg Markets, whose parent company just absorbed BusinessWeek.

Henkoff discusses the nature of business coverage during a recession, the need for in-depth reporting and how that strengthens his publication’s editorial fortitude. Having uncovered business-misbehavior in public and private scenarios, Bloomberg’s ability to effect change is well known. But to stay ahead of the curve they cover the events and people who push the financial world forward. Listen as Galleycat’s Editor Jason Boog and I get an education on the business of finance.


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