Is Pine-Sol an Aphrodisiac?

By Kiran Aditham 

Mix a sultry spokeswoman, a buff dude, a dash of noir and, um, a household cleaning product and you have a new campaign for Pine-Sol via DDB San Fran. The spot “Visitor” launched a week or so ago, but the New York Times now takes a look at how men doing housework basically equates to porn for women as Brandfreak says. “What we were trying to do is play on the fantasy of perfume ads…We certainly made the choice to have it be a man and fulfill a fantasy, but it’s not a comment on the societal pattern of men cleaning in the house,” Pine-Sol brand manager Hank Mercier tells the NYT.

Though the brand says the ads aren’t intended to tell men that Pine-Sol will help them get the ladies, maybe they’re being a little too metaphorical with its wood-buffing qualities.

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