Today on the Menu: Author Brandon Sanderson Will Complete the “Wheel of Time” Series

By Matt Van Hoven 

Fantasy is a guilty pleasure for most people. Whether it’s D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) or The Lord of the Rings, most of us are familiar with this whimsical, dark corner of the authoring world. Today we hosted Brandon Sanderson, the man who has been tasked with the more-than-daunting task of completing the Wheel of Time series &#151 a 12 book story whose original author Robert Jordan passed away before he could complete the tome (click here for Sanderson’s Web site).


Enter Sanderson, a fantasy writer who had completed 7 novels before finishing college. Today he tells us about what it was like reading the final chapter of the series &#151 the only piece of the final book Jordan wrote himself &#151 years before the general public would see it.

Sanderson’s role in tying off the story is somewhat serendipitous &#151 before passing, Jordan tasked his wife with finding someone in the literary world to finish the project. A recently graduated Sanderson became that person and two years later, part 1 of the final book is complete and awaiting release (October of this year). Listen to this episode to find out more.

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