Starbucks Via Ad Causing Conservative Divide?

By Kiran Aditham 

Starbucks’ Via ad launch during SNL last weekend probably did enough to overshadow Megan Fox’s talent showcase. But the brew brand also touched on touchy political issues with this spot that mocks the irate town hall attendees we’ve been unable to ignore in recent times. A tipster tells us that the 15-second teaser is “making waves on conservative blogs” where some find it funny and others are offended.

While the ad is fairly benign as some will agree, it’s provoked commentary on blogs like Mediaite such as this one:


“This commercial doesn’t really bother me, and I’m one of these tea party, right wing nut jobs types according to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. However, since I like to patronize companies who have similar views as my own…I may have to find another place to purchase my triple latte each morning. Anyone know of a good coffee company which isn’t uber-communist?”

Can’t say da, can’t say nyet my friend, but it looks like at least some of your conservative colleagues aren’t buying the “outrageous outrage.”

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