Today in Tips: Carpe Desistoid

By Matt Van Hoven 

Like so many “service industry professionals” we rely on tips here at AgencySpy. The one we share with you today is boring, save for the last three words. We aren’t sure how “grabbing and helping” an agency will stop them from using your tag-line, but allegedly that’s exactly what’s happening between Pyper Paul + Kenney and Yum! Brands.

Pyper Paul Kenney’s tagline (So Good) for the new BIG BOY campaign wasn’t trademarked and is actually property of YUM Brands. I’ve heard YUM has issued a seize and assist.

We contacted Yum!, whose office hours are 9-5 EST, but they were closed at 2:30, so no word on whether or not they sent a cease and desist, which is presumably what the tipster meant. Also, someone has removed the new Big Boy ads from YouTube, which is the main reason to entertain the notion that this is true. Ruh roh, spaghettios.

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