ATX or Bust: AgencySpy’s Heading South for Winter

By Matt Van Hoven 

In my quest to uncover absolutely every little dirty secret hidden in this industry’s belly button (fyi it smells in here, but the lint is cozy), I’m heading to South by Southwest next week. And unlike the rest of you, I didn’t have to screw anyone I work with to make it happen*.

You guys care about this thing, a lot. The food, booze, music and nearly-Mexican sun are enough to entice any cube-locked human &#151 but South by (that’s how I’m going to refer to it, so deal) has a special draw that I don’t yet understand. It’s a techy-little conference, and allegedly a lot of fun so I can’t poop on it yet from an “experience” standpoint.

What I’m getting at here is that after two years of hearing about how great South by is, I’m a little concerned that the hype is going to kill it for me. And I am really important and shit so it’s vital this thing goes off right. So until further notice I am of the belief that it sucks and is a complete waste of time.


Also we’re there from Friday through Tuesday. If you’re attending send me an email and all that.

*that was a joke.