To Orbitz, or Not to Orbitz

By Matt McCarron 

Today, Orbitz hits the airwaves with their latest campaign, “When you Orbitz, you know,” becoming yet another brand hoping to turn its name into a ubiquitous verb. (The answer’s “no;” I don’t “Yahoo.”) The first advertisement, developed by BBDO New York, will air tonight.

The ad presents a traveler reading the future, thus serving as a metaphor suggesting that customers know what to expect from their hotels when they use Orbitz.

Just like how you read “priceline negotiator” as “PRICE. LINE. na-GO-she-A-TOR!!!,” by they time this campaign hits full stride we’ll be hearing and reading “When you Orbitz, you know,” everywhere.

“We’ll have a strong media presence,” Orbitz VP, Brian Hoyt tells us. “We’ll have a significant presence on cable TV and in top consumer travel and lifestyle pubs…and there will be a pretty aggressive web campaign.”

The spot’s pretty funny, so check it out (above). We’re just glad we’re watching a travel booking ad where Shatner’s not doing any karate chops.

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