TNT Drama Gets ‘Reactive Super-Speed Electromagnetic Dot Display’

By Bob Marshall 

TNT, a television channel that “knows drama,” has tapped Breakfast, a New York agency that knows reactive super-speed electromagnetic dot displays, to create a reactive super-speed electromagnetic dot display for the television channel’s new drama, Perception.

Starring Eric McCormack, best known for playing the titular “Will” in NBC sitcom Will & Grace and seen most recently on TV as “Lucky” on The Hub’s animated series Pound Puppies, Perception tells the story an eccentric neuro-scientist who is enlisted by the FBI to assist in cases that involve anagrams. You see, if McCormack’s character, Dr. Daniel Pierce, was to see the phrase “reactive super-speed electromagnetic dot display,” he could use his scientist brain to pick out the words “reactive pee magnet play,” and rearrange the letters in those words to read “meet Ray Ace.” Who’s “Ray Ace,” you ask? Well, you’ll just have to tune into new episodes of TNT’s Perception Mondays at 10/9c to find out.

Breakfast, which has given us such inventions as “Instaprint,” the Instagram-intergrated “smart” location-based photo booth which they later tried to mass-market via Kickstarter, is tapping into the mind of Dr. Pierce with an outdoor display that uses pedestrians’ bodies to create cryptic anagrams. Of note is the mechanical nature of the display, which Breakfast rigged to flip dots from black to white 15 times fast than the installation’s technology originally allowed.

Watch the reactive super-speed electromagnetic dot display in action after the jump.