Time Becomes the Latest to Move into Native Advertising with New 8-Person Team

By Shawn Paul Wood 

2014 TIME 100 GalaNative advertising is a new toy/necessary tool print publications are using to supplement their revenue due, in large part, to the popularity of the Internet thing you’re using right now.

While publishers are monetizing their content with form and function, advertisers are looking to place their brands in areas that seem more natural … and profitable.

A few stalwarts of the publishing arena have been holding out, but we can now add another to the surrender list in the form of Time magazine.


Reports say Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp will create a new eight-person team to specialize in developing those native ads. Although the mag announced its descision to tinker with the cover months ago, this new team is the kicker.

Ready to call your clients?

According to the report, the news was unveiled to staff in an memo from Chief Content Officer Norm Pearlstine and Executive Vice President Mark Ford. The memo noted that the Time Inc. Native Group will work side-by-side with editorial staff to create these ads, which will appear in cozy fashion right next to real news.

Also included in the memo was Chris Hercik, creative director of the Sports Illustrated Group, who was named VP of the new team. He said:

“Creativity is agnostic, as long as it is mutually beneficial to the brand and the advertiser.”

The only real question: what took Time so long to join the party? We should all be optimistic about how native ads will impact consumers, brands, and publishers. Has your agency jumped into the native game yet?

Let us know–and enjoy this week’s edition of Time, sponsored by some telecom company. The future is here.